OpenApply is proud to announce our new PowerSchool integration, the latest step in our efforts to streamline compatibility with more school systems. OpenApply schools can now sync their student and parent data directly into their PowerSchool account through the OpenApply API. After families complete the application and enrolment process in OpenApply, schools can pass the data to PowerSchool for educators and administrators handling the day-to-day data management during school sessions.

The PowerSchool integration can sync student and parent data by API, eliminating the need for complex export and migration processes. Administrators have complete control over how to map OpenApply data to PowerSchool data fields including custom fields.

Administrators will be able to sync student data individually or as a batch. The system can add students to the batch automatically based on enrolment status or through manual selection from the roster. To make sure that the data is compatible with PowerSchool formatting, administrators can review, edit, and reformat all of the data in the batch before syncing.

If your school is interested in enabling the integration with Powerschool on your OpenApply account contact us now!

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