School Group Dashboard

Aggregate your OpenApply account metrics and admissions pipeline across your school group.
CRM Features

When school groups expressed the need for a streamlined method of standardising admissions data across their schools, we listened. The School Group Dashboard was created to increase reporting efficiency and group-wide insight, to support their growth.

The group dashboard is an advanced module, allowing groups of schools to connect and aggregate their OpenApply account metrics, and visualise these in bulk across their schools. This gives them easy access to analytics through any of their schools’ OpenApply accounts, and the ability to look at combined data on admissions metrics, conversions and their pipeline.

Live pipeline data, saving time previously spent on manual reporting

No additional setup is required, so you can get started quickly

Filterable analytics that visualise admissions activity and capacity across the schools, saving manual processing time

The Dashboard is easily scalable with multi-user access. Quickly and simply add additional schools from different accounts

The OpenApply School Group Dashboard can provide your school group with more visibility and insight on your admissions data giving you the reporting edge! Enquire below to receive more information and pricing.