Online Admissions & Enrolment

For the School as an Institution

Streamlined Workflows

Manage all aspects of the admissions process from events to data collection to payments and review in one secure system.

Easy Access

Cloud hosting and mobile responsive interfaces give you access to your data anywhere and from any device, while granular permissions allow any staff member to access just the data they need.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification provides peace of mind that your school’s data is safe and secure.

Always Improving

Continuously improving with new features and integrations added every month. OpenApply’s improvements have been driven by feedback from its community of international schools.

For the Family


A one-stop-shop to complete forms, upload documents, schedule tours and interviews, make payments, and anything else that might be necessary to complete the admissions process.

Apply from Anywhere

With a mobile responsive interface, international families on the go can complete their application and track its status at any time from anywhere.


Real-time application status tracking and ability to see next steps at any time provide a stress-free, transparent process for families, meaning one less thing to worry about when changing schools.

Sibling Friendly

Whole family accounts and pre-filled forms across siblings make it easy to apply for all your children at once without duplicating information.

Feature Matrix

Detailed Feature Descriptions & Highlights

Application Management

  • -Robust roster filtering, tagging, and sorting to easily locate different groups of applicants
  • -Tasks with due date reminders to ensure staff are notified of to-dos related to each applicant and no one slips through the cracks
  • -Manage documents and view them online with our documents viewer


  • -Customised pre-filled forms for easy completion by families
  • -Automated family login via notification email
  • -Responses tracked in real-time and included in enrolment reports

Online Forms

  • -Over 5 different form types and no limit on number of forms created
  • -WYSIWYG drag and drop forms editor for easy updates
  • -Bilingual capabilities supporting all common character sets

Customisable Checklists

  • -Customise by programme and admissions status
  • -Submit documents, fill additional forms, assign to-dos, schedule tours, interviews, and open days
  • -Clear interface for parents to differentiate between complete and incomplete items

Family Communication

  • -Bulk messaging with customisable templates and mail merge values that pull directly from OpenApply database
  • -Ability to send individual messages with certain staff members automatically cc’d
  • -Bcc function to attach communication from outside the system


  • -Accept payments and issue invoices in 110+ currencies.
  • -Configure payment options for credit card, check, cash, and bank transfer
  • -integration with payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal Express, BrainTree, CyberSource, and HostedPCI

Event Registration

  • -Make times and dates available per programme and campus for parents to schedule tours and RSVP for open days
  • -Parents and admins can easily track scheduled tours, open days, and interviews on their dashboards

Analytics Tracking

  • -Monitor statistics in real-time including conversion, remaining spaces, demographic data, and more
  • -Create custom analytics based on your forms’ custom fields


  • -Create customisable export templates for easy data access
  • -Schedule recurring exports for different days and times
  • -Import via CSV with overwrite ability


  • -Request recommendations from teachers and schools using our online recommendations manager
  • -Application status is updated for parents after recommendations are received, but all data is kept confidential

Support & Training

All schools receive unlimited complimentary phone & e-mail support.

Online Support


Fully Indexed documentation with keyword search allowing users to find tutorials quikly:

  • 25+ QuickStart PDF guides for initial setup.
  • 30+ online video tutorials.
  • 500+ tutorials with annotated screenshots and written instructions.


24/7/365 across any device with printable PDF exports for every tutorial and guide.

Telephone Support


Friendly, knowledgeable support team answers all phone line within 2-3 rings.

No phone trees!


24 hours a day during the work week, starting at Monday 9am HKT(GMT+8) and ending at Friday 6pm PST(GMT-7 / -8 depending on daylight savings).

Email Support


Requests are handled by globally distributed support team through a dedicated ticketing system called Uservoice. All replies are sent within 24 hours of the original request.


24 hours a day during the work week, starting at Monday 9am HKT(GMT+8) and ending at Friday 6pm PST(GMT-7 / -8 depending on daylight savings).

Dedicated weekend staffer for urgent queries.

Flexible Training Options

Book Online Sessions

Online sessions are unlimited and complimentary. Book with 24 hours notice directly via our public website or with a specific representative:


The online booking system provides options in a customer’s local time with instant confirmation.

Who can join?
As many individuals from the school. For sessions with more than three people, we recommend setting up a projector and speakers. The team can ring the school early to test that the equipment works smoothly.

What’s required?
A computer with Javascript enabled and good speakers.
An Internet connection.
A phone number or Skype ID.

Who can book trainings?
All account administrators can book trainings.

When are trainings available?
Trainings are available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. The team require 24+ hours’ notice when booking and can arrange a same-day training if needed.

On-site Training

We offer paid on-site training for schools that wish to compress training time or prefer on-site support.

Depending on the size of school and training sessions desired, we recommend anywhere from a half-day to two days of on-site training. Sessions will be customised based on the needs of your school.

Who can join?
As many individuals from the school.

What’s required?
A presentation screen
An Internet connection
Use school laptops, smart-boards or projectors.

Who can book trainings?
Any account administrator can book on-site trainings.

When are trainings available?
We are available for on-site trainings and demand for this peaks in the Fall season.

Enterprise Ready

Moving to an Enterprise model to support the Technology teams in the world’s leading international school.


Identity management with Google & Office365 and Active Directory / LDAP.

Extensive APIs

RESTful JSON API with extensive endpoints provide flexibility.

Product Roadmap

Priority input on our product roadmap and quarterly development updates.

Access & Permissions

Granular access controls & permissions configurable by user type.

Audit Log

Searchable detailed trail of account activity by user, date, and activity type.

Sync & Integrations

MIS / SIS Sync integrations with iSAMS and over a dozen integration partners.

Security & Data Protection

The only ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider with global data protection compliance.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive and unified design works on mobile & web across Android & iOS.

SLA & Support

Covering uptime, response times and resolution with direct support contact.

Implementation Model

A standard implementation follows 6 steps over approximately 4-6 weeks. However, this time frame can be adjusted according to your school’s needs, with implementation in as little as 2 days!

Submit your forms and admissions documents to OpenApply to build your account. Once the account is up and running you’ll receive access and an invitation to schedule your first training session.

The first training session includes a review of everything the parent will interact with including your forms, checklist and landing page. You’ll also learn how to configure your Admissions Settings as well as review receiving and processing applications.

After the first training session you’ll want to take the time to customize your Admissions Settings to your liking, make sure all interested staff have logins, and practice submitting applications.

The second training session is typically scheduled 1-2 weeks after the first, but the timing can be flexible depending on your school’s needs. In Training #2 one of our account specialists will help you implement any required changes and give advice on streamlining your processes in OpenApply. Our specialist will also take you through managing the applicant pool and generating reports.

After the second training session OpenApply will work with your school to make any final changes required before taking the system live. We’ll help you finalise your workflow and import any current student information if required. You’re welcome to take advantage of additional training sessions if needed to finalise any aspects of the account.

It’s time to make the jump to paperless admissions! Link OpenApply to your website and watch the online enquiries and applications roll in!

OpenApply is happy to provide complimentary online training at any point after you’ve taken the system live. We can provide training for new staff or help you focus on specific areas of the system such as re-enrolment management or form updating!

Service Level Agreement

Our technology operations and support teams deliver world-class service with 99.8% system uptime, 24-hour telephone & e-mail support, and security & data protection compliance.

We guarantee:

  1. 99.8% system uptime
  2. A 24-hour max response time for all support requests
  3. A pledge to protect privacy and safeguard data with daily local backups
  4. SSL-encryption for all subdomains
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We guarantee:

99.8% system uptime

A 24-hour max response time for all support requests

A pledge to protect privacy and safeguard data with daily local backups

SSL-encryption for all subdomains

Security & Compliance

As part of our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, we are committed to keeping your data safe and secure by using best practices to maintain high levels of security and global data protection compliance.

Review security & compliance

System Status

Our real-time monitoring services run around the clock notifying us immediately of any systems' issues.

Track system status in real-time