We’ve released an updated filter and enriched analytics on OpenApply, which we hope will help admissions & marketing teams take their data-driven decision-making to the next level.

The release includes:

Enhanced Filtering: The student roster filter has been added to all analytics pages providing the opportunity to filter by status, campus, grade level, tags and more on all analytics pages.

We’ve also added a new option to filter by re-enrolment status. Now you can drill down deep into all your analytics for the precise data needed to improve enrolment in both quality and quantity.

Export Capabilities: OpenApply’s powerful analytics can now be exported as PDF and JPEG files to easily share with colleagues outside of the system. You can also generate XLS and CSV files at the click of a button straight from the analytics page.

Upgraded Performance: Improved speeds deliver your data faster.

Find out more about OpenApply’s analytics at our Online Support Centre, and start diving deep into your school’s data today!

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