Our next issue of the International Admissions Bulletin arrives in March!

The March issue features “A Seat at the Leadership Table,” looking at how the work of admissions is recognised within schools.

Did you know only 41%* of international school admissions officers are part of their school’s senior leadership team?

In our March issue, we look at the stories behind the statistics to see how admissions successfully builds the case for inclusion at the highest levels of senior management. One strategy is to deliver an accurate and smooth re-enrolment for families. We’ve released a sneak peek of best practices here.

The March issue will also include our regular features:

  • Conference Roundup & Recap
  • International School News
  • My Journey to Admissions

Missed the September issue? Read it here.

Feedback from our first edition!

“The articles are fantastic — you have succeeded in filling a
BIG void in the exciting world of international school admission.”

“What a lovely layout, interesting cross-section of
articles and fresh, dynamic feel.”

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