OpenApply has implemented new features for the 2019 re-enrolment season! A new status, additional forms, and more precise notification options will provide an improved re-enrolment experience for both parents and administrators. 

Undecided Status

You will now see an Undecided option for parents to select if they are not yet sure of their child’s re-enrolment status for the following academic year. Previously, Pending was used to identify both students who were undecided and students who had not yet responded. The new Undecided option will give your admissions office more clarity on your pipeline and capacity numbers when deciphering who has not yet responded vs. who has responded with an Undecided response.

New Forms For Undecided and Declined

Another new feature in this release is the addition of forms for Undecided and Declined statuses. This allows admissions staff to request more information when a family responds with either of the two responses, providing further clarity and a deeper understanding of the context for projected enrolment numbers.  

Additional Notifications

Notifications have also been added that are specific to the  Pending and Undecided statuses. These provide more precise communication options for the admissions office and re-enroling families. 

Same Easy Process for Parents

The mentioned changes will help improve the simple, streamlined process that OpenApply families have become familiar with. Parents can easily re-enrol for all children, even when making different decisions per child. Parents simply select the appropriate re-enrolment response for each child and proceed to fill the relevant form. The result is a stress-free process that will help families remain excited to return to your school next year. 

OpenApply is offering two free webinars where our Support Associate, Tom Kirby, will be discussing re-enrolment in OpenApply and demonstrating the new features. Please register for one of the times using the links below.

Please visit our re-enrolment tutorial page at our online support center for more information. You can also contact our support team at [email protected] with any questions. 

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