OpenApply was excited to host our fourth virtual conference, and fifteenth overall, on March 16-18, 2022. We were thrilled to welcome over 160 attendees from 51 countries and 115 schools all over the world.

The theme of this conference was The Right Fit, and the schedule was broken down into sessions led by Admissions Professionals and OpenApply. We designed the event to be as engaging and interactive as possible to encourage exchanges between all attendees. We aimed to bring the Admissions Community together to share best practices and experiences on the marketing, recruitment and final decision-making processes that schools can undertake to optimise their alignment of values, ethos and and wider strategic objectives with suitable students and parents.

Below is an overview of the topics covered during the conference. In addition to the presentations and workshops, the attendees enjoyed the networking opportunities, with active group discussions or one-on-one chats.

During the Welcoming Remarks, OpenApply Director and SVP of Systems, MacKenzie Murray shared a company update. See below to find out everything Faria and OpenApply have been busy working on and what to expect in the near future:


  • Catalina Gardescu from American International School of Bucharest kicked off the professional development with a discussion on how admissions professionals can carve their way through difficult conversations without burning bridges.
  • Heidi Reid from IDAT led an interactive session where schools shared what attributes and attitudes they look for in new students, and how they ascertain who is the right fit for their school.
  • David Willows and Suzette Parlevliet from International School of Brussels held a workshop on the art and science of predicting enrolment.
  • Cristina Willows from BEPS International School and Raluca Tarcea from Avenor College provided practical tips for finding the right balance of empathy and transparency when dealing with uncomfortable conversations in admissions.
  • Praline Hudson from European International School of Barcelona examined recent trends and challenges that schools face when communicating school culture to families.
  • Maria Litras and Charlene Rogers from Southbank International School led an insightful discussion about the challenges that admissions teams in international schools are facing post-Covid, when it comes to the student selection process.
  • Max Eisl from Finalsite covered various marketing pitfalls, strategies and automations to help admissions and marketing optimise the journey for prospective parents and students.
  • Claudine Hakim from International School of London and Courtney Knight from International School of Paris held an interactive workshop on emotional intelligence and effective leadership during difficult conversations.
  • Natalie Perrone and Camille Jacquot from Ecole M gave a presentation on pipeline management and forecasting for admissions teams.
  • Laura Schoepfer, former Director of Community Relations and Head of Admissions at International School of Zug and Luzern shared her knowledge and expertise on how admissions professionals can maximise their team’s success using data, reporting and communication.

We greatly appreciate the contributions from all of the speakers, and all recordings and resources are shared with the attendees after the conference.

What some of our attendees said!

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me. It’s my first time attending an OpenApply conference. Very engaging. Great job by the team.”Shweta Joshi, B.D. Somani International School

“Each conference I attend is better than the last! Very informative and educational. The conference helps me grow as a professional and apply what I learn to progress in my career.”Hania Juma, American Community School Amman

“GREAT! WOULD ATTEND AGAIN…and encourage more to do so.” – Pat Yong, IGB International School

“Amazing – best PD I’ve been on for a long time” Tony Potts, American International School of Lusaka

“Inspiring and helpful.Sue Farmer, International School of Uganda


We thank everyone who joined us for being generous with their ideas and experiences, and we hope to see you at our next conference!

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