We are very pleased to release the new OpenApply forms editor after six weeks of hard work by our R&D team.


The new forms editor is faster, prettier and has a more robust foundation. A quick summary of the key changes:

  • All fields are automatically coded in line with the single-source of truth principle.
  • Open Lists are much more powerful and allow you to collect data in a table format e.g. Emergency Contact, Prior School, Siblings, etc. with nested dropdown menus.
  • Form fields can be easily re-ordered and the sequence of fields is mirrored identically between the editor and the actual form.
  • Removing fields from the form will preserve any data tied to that field i.e. removing a field will be like archiving the field from view.

From a performance standpoint, we have now cached the forms, which will significantly improve load times. In our next update, we plan to revise the Analytics tab to allow for analysis of each individual field.

Concurrent with this update, we have also moved OpenApply from RackspaceCloud to Amazon Web Services.


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