As part of our effort to expand support for Chinese schools and parents, we are excited to announce the release of WeChat login for OpenApply. This new integration allows parents to link their WeChat accounts to OpenApply and securely sign in directly from WeChat.

This parent-friendly feature provides Chinese parents a more streamlined and enjoyable admissions experience. Parents will no longer need to remember their email or password, reducing the amount of time the admissions office spends answering these questions. Schools can also expect Chinese parents to be more responsive. It is now easier than ever for them to log into their account to complete checklist items and reply to school messages.

The WeChat login feature has been released to all of our schools in China and will be available globally next week. We are happy to be taking another step towards a more comprehensive integration between WeChat and OpenApply. For more information on enabling WeChat login, check out the tutorial on our Online Support Centre.

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