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Here are some featured articles from the IAB:


Zooming Through the Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit international schools hard – and it has interrupted the way we have traditionally been conducting admissions interviews and tours in a number of ways. Learn how the International School of Brussels shifted their admissions strategy using Zoom, including challenges faced and ways to overcome those challenges. What will this mean for the future of admissions? READ THE ARTICLE


Courtney Knight, Advancement & Engagement Director at the International School of Paris, details what works (and does not work) when transitioning students. She outlines three popular struggles: late applications, wrong fit and safeguarding, with actionable solutions to each. Read on to learn more. READ THE ARTICLE

Admitting Our Mistakes


Building a Culture

The enrolment landscape for international schools globally has shifted, resulting in an immediate need for schools to elevate their strategies and practices from that of a registrar model to that of an enrolment management model. Read how Craig Tredenick, Director of Admissions at the American School of Dubai, shifted his enrolment strategy to focus on retention and his tips for schools ready to adopt this new strategy.READ THE ARTICLE


Projecting enrolment is probably one of the most important functions of an Admissions Manager. Catalina Gardescu, Manager of Admissions & External Relations at the American International School of Bucharest, outlines three elements that your school can use to build your projections, as well as ways to shift your strategy during COVID-19.

Projecting Enrolment Strategically


Together, Apart

Gail Hanagan, Communication and Community Relations Officer at Lincoln Community School, explains how her team continued to build school community in the midst of COVID-19. She shares the school’s distance learning objectives for students, and examples that your school can adopt! READ THE ARTICLE


Enrolment management is a challenge that every admissions office must face. Local culture and academic & wellness expectations need to blend with school demographics and policies to provide a smooth enrolment process for everyone. Four leaders from three IB schools share how they attract and retain students and families in the current educational environment. READ THE ARTICLE

Enrolment Management Roundtable


Centralized Systems, Teamwork and Service Excellence

Ylva Kovacs, Director of Admissions at the American Embassy School, New Delhi, walks us through her school’s enrollment journey and gives guidance on how to make your school stand apart from others. READ THE ARTICLE

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