OpenApply is excited to announce that checklist items can now appear based on answers to fields in your admissions forms. This new feature brings a variety of benefits to both the admissions office and prospective parents:

1. Save time in your admissions office by having specialty items automatically appear for the applicants they’re relevant to. For example, boarding forms can appear automatically for students applying for boarding and only the scholarship applicants will see requirements to upload relevant scholarship documents with no manual intervention from the admissions office.

2. Greater clarity is provided to parents who now will only see precisely the requirements relevant to their children. This reduces the stress of the application process for prospective parents, making their admissions journey a more positive experience.

3. Create new workflows with the flexibility to add automated checklist items for applicants of the same status who are in slightly different stages of the process. Items can appear before or after interviews or assessments, only for students re-enrolling, etc. We encourage you to be creative to automate your workflows and remove manual work as much as possible.

To learn more about how you can utilise the new conditional checklist features in your OpenApply account, check out our Online Support Centre or contact us at [email protected].

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