OpenApply is excited to announce the release of a new interface and feature set to easily complete the application review process entirely online.

The release includes:

Consolidated reviewing interface: The Application Review Mode combines all forms, files, and internal notes into one interface, allowing reviewers to access everything you need in one place. This allows for a streamlined review process and makes it easy to train staff who may only use OpenApply for application review.

Customisable rubrics: Each school can customise rubrics for reviewers to complete, allowing the admissions office to gather all the necessary feedback for each admissions decision.

Easy Accessibility: Reviewers are automatically notified when there are applications waiting for them, and they can instantly jump to the Application Review Interface for a specific child straight from their email. The interface also provides a list view so once in the system reviewers can easily see which applications are waiting.

Mark applicants for review in bulk: Admissions staff can mark applicants who are ready for review in bulk. Depending on reviewer settings, different review workflows can be created based on campus and programmes. For special cases, admissions can also flag applicants for review individually, completely customising the workflow based on their school.

OpenApply will be hosting two webinars on November 14 and 15 for schools interested in learning how to use the new feature. You can also find out more on our Online Support Centre and begin reviewing applications online today!

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