You spoke and we listened! OpenApply has released an Agent Account that works in conjunction with the existing Parent Account. In addition, we’ve created filtering and analytics so you can keep track of agent activity. This feature will provide an improved experience for agents and for the schools that utilise them, with benefits including:

  1. Agents have a dedicated login and account, so now they can easily manage multiple families’ enquiries and applications in one central, independent location. This reduces confusion for agents who previously registered as a parent or guardian of the student.
  2. Schools can easily manage agent information and communication. Agents now have a dedicated role, so you can easily message them, edit their details, and manage their access to student information.
  3. We’ve added agent filtering and analytics so you can measure the success of your agents. With just a few clicks, you can see how many enquiries, applicants, and enrolled students that specific agents have brought in.

If you’d like to have the Agent Account enabled for your OpenApply account, please contact [email protected] to start the process, or if you would like a demo of OpenApply, schedule one today.

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