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When people search for your school, first impressions matter. Most schools invest most of their time and effort into their homepage and fail to give sufficient attention to other critical pages like the Admissions Page. There is no guarantee that prospective families start their journey on your homepage – they may land directly on your admissions page from search or social.

Now with COVID-19 and limitations on in-person meetings, virtual admissions are even more important – so having a compelling admissions landing page can make a huge difference in turning site visitors into applicants, and ultimately students.

What is the enquiry landing page?

  • In Google Analytics, the term is used to define any page someone lands on from a search.
  • In web design, it’s the page in-between your homepage and interior pages, your main navigation items: Admissions, Community, About Us.
  • In inbound marketing, it’s a page that is specifically designed to drive conversions such as enquiries, applications, and open day replies.

Does your admissions landing page serve its purpose? Does it contain these five key elements?

1) A Value Proposition

Your school’s value proposition should dominate the top of the page. This is your chance to make a statement about why someone should apply to your school. Saigon South International School leads with their value proposition – We are educating the global leaders of tomorrow.

For individuals who land on this page via a paid ad, a social media post, an email, or even your school’s homepage, they likely need some further convincing before they take action. The header on your landing page shouldn’t be “Inquire Now” or “Admissions ” – take this opportunity to say something about the experience at your school. Inspire them!

2) A Quick List of Benefits or Facts

What sets you apart from other schools? Think about the biggest and most important “wow” factors that set your school apart, and make them easy-to-scan. Use a bulleted list or infographic to accomplish this.

For example, the International Community School of Addis Ababa has a clean infographic to showcase their strengths.

3) A Compelling Photo or Video

Landing pages with videos have higher conversion rates than those that don’t — up to 80% higher, so incorporating an admissions video is key. You can repurpose a video from anywhere on your site, but keep it on the shorter side.

If you don’t have the budget or resources to put together an admissions video, you have a few additional options:

  • Create a photo slideshow to share on the page instead
  • Collect testimonials from faculty, students, and parents (via Zoom or a smartphone!) and compile them into a 60-second video
  • Ask a couple of members from your admissions team to create a Zoom video to embed on the page. Families will love hearing from admissions faculty directly at this stage in their journey.

In this example from Shekou International School, various students share their authentic stories.

4) Testimonials and more Testimonials

Whether you choose to have video or text testimonials, incorporate social proof that your school is worth the investment. Quotes from parents, students, faculty, and alumni are key to increasing conversions. The vast majority of people now look at online reviews before making a purchase/decision, and 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase/decision from a site that has ratings and reviews.

Zurich International School shares an array of stories to help prospective families learn more.

5) Clear instructions on how to apply

Once you have convinced visitors to apply with your value proposition, social proof and other key selling points, make sure you provide clear instructions on how to apply. A quick checklist eases new families’ worries and encourages them to take the next step! The American Embassy School of New Delhi does a great job.

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