For schools that are starting OpenApply in the middle of an admissions cycle, or that want to import past applicants for our *Re-enrollment* feature, it’s now easier than ever to import your applicant data:

  • Smarter matching: Fields now automatically match based on your headers. Easily change the match via dropdown menus.


  • Import failure reports: If your import fails, OpenApply will tell you what went wrong. Click on the name of the import to check.

Failed Import

  • Bulk delete inaccurate imports: If the system processed the import, but you made a mistake — uploaded an outdated file, or matched fields incorrectly, you can delete the successful import by clicking the trash can icon. This will remove all the information associated with the import. You can also delete your failed imports.
  • Date of Status update: Did you enroll students on a specific date? We now provide a Date of Status update field that allows you to import this information.

Status Update


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