We’re excited to announce updates to the Application Review Mode. The Review Mode is a set of tools that allow stakeholders to come together and efficiently review applicants.

Review Admin Permissions: You can set permissions to who can edit reviews, end reviews, and send notifications (see below for clarification). By default, every staff member in the Admissions department is a Review Admin, so navigate to Admission Preferences > Review Mode to make permission changes.

New Review Set: You can have additional sets of reviews with the same, or different, reviewers. So now if an applicant needs another round of reviews, you can simply click “New Review Set” to get started.

Editing Reviews: If you’re a Review Admin, simply click ‘Edit’ to make changes to your feedback. Non-Review Admins can request access from Review Admins to edit their reviews.

Ending Reviews: Ending a review allows you to terminate the review process if you don’t want it to continue. For instance, if the reviewer didn’t approve for the applicant to proceed, or if the applicant is no longer interested, you can End the review to clear the backlog. Additionally, you might consider giving the End Review permission to the decision-maker, so they can determine whether to Complete (accept) or End (decline) the application.

Reviewer Notifications: Are your team members’ reviews piling up? Now you can filter, sort, and send reminder notifications to keep those reviews flowing. This is located on your Dashboard.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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