Representative Features
OpenApply’s representative feature has been enhanced to help schools manage groups of applicants and students assigned to different team members. Users can now filter for representatives on the rosters and in the analytics to more easily track groups of applicants and students assigned to themselves or colleagues. The representative field is also now included in the export and import functionality, so you can easily pull lists for certain representatives or bulk assign representatives by import. The new functionality should be especially helpful for admissions offices with large teams to track applicant progress throughout the admissions season.

API Changelog
You can now access a changelog for OpenApply’s Public API via Settings > Integrations > Public API. There, you’ll be able to view any recent additions or updates to the API. OpenApply expects to add new functionality to our API throughout 2019, so keep an eye out for further updates!

To learn more about the new features, please visit our Online Support Centre or contact our friendly support team at [email protected].

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