New updates for July:

  • Enrollment Summary: Student enrollment numbers are now summed automatically and shown at the bottom of the Enrollment Summary via Analytics > Enrollment Summary.
  • Submit Questionnaire Checklist Items: If a parent sends a questionnaire form to a teacher and receives no response, parents and admins are now both able to re-send questionnaire forms. Parents can re-send via the parent dashboard under the checklist item. Admins can re-send by navigating to the parent profile and clicking Re-send Questionnaire E-mail on the right navigation panel.
OpenApply > ManageBac Synchronisation
  • Bulk Update Student E-mails on ManageBac via OpenApply: Schools using OpenApply and ManageBac can now update ManageBac e-mail addresses tied to enrolled students by navigating to the Students tab and clicking Bulk Create E-mails. From here you can select which student e-mails you want to update on ManageBac.
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