As part of our effort to ease the process of transferring data between OpenApply and other systems, we’ve released File Export! This new feature allows you to customise the bulk export of student files, photos, and forms. See below for more information on File Export:

  1. File Types: Selecting this option allows you to download all files stored on the applicant profile. This is useful if users need to store documents like health records or transcripts.
  2. Checklist Items: Users can download all forms associated with a Checklist Item by programme. For instance, users can easily select the Application Form for Primary programme to download in bulk.
  3. Customise the File and Folder Name: Create your own name or insert global system fields. Users will find it useful to match the naming convention required for their SIS or other systems for easy uploading.

Once the export is completed, you’ll receive an email to download the zip file.

If you have any questions, view our File Export tutorial page here, or contact [email protected].

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