Updates & Improvements

Next week we will release a new interface for managing statuses on the Applicant Profile in OpenApply.

The new interface provides both an updated design as well as improvements to popular features. With the new interface you’ll find:

  • Improved applicant status histories – Statuses will be tied to an enrolment year and status histories and effective dates can be edited after they are set, leading to cleaner, more accurate status histories.
  • More reliable analytics – Accurate status histories lead to better analytics. Statuses cannot be duplicated within an enrolment year, making analytics clearer and more reliable.
  • Easier to use – A simpler workflow to move applicants from enquiry to enrolment to departure reduces mistakes.
  • More flexible – You can choose to disable automated status notification emails on an individual basis, better accommodating for special circumstances.
All current status histories will remain unchanged, but you will find an orange icon next to students whose status histories you may want to review.


  • Tutorials: You can find updated tutorials on using the new status interface on our Online Support Center.
The updated interface is now available on our online demo account. We encourage you to take some time to explore the new feature before its release. Please contact us at [email protected] or by telephone if you have any questions about using the new interface. Our Support Team is standing by to help!
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