During the summer of 2017, we started the process of moving our core hosting from the iWeb data centre in Montreal to Amazon Web Services in Canada. This was our first step towards multi-region hosting with the US cluster setup in August 2017, moving to Canada AWS in March 2018, and with China to follow shortly in Q1 2018.

Our migration to AWS involved significant changes to our server infrastructure, below are some of the key benefits you can expect as an OpenApply school:

  1. Multi-region: for data protection and compliance reasons, many schools now require data to be hosted within their region. As a global service in over 120 countries we have been hosted in Canada since 2013 because it serves as an ‘adequate’ jurisdiction from a data protection compliance standpoint. This multi-region support will greatly streamline the process of deploying OpenApply into new regions in the future as data protection laws evolve.
  2. High-Availability: means better system uptime and network reliability moving us closer towards a high-availability model.
  3. Scalable: provides greater scalability to support higher peak loads and increased usage.
  4. Performance: accelerating speeds and reducing the application response times significantly.
  5. Security: together with ISO 27001:2013 and our GDPR initiatives, AWS provides a superior security environment with its web application firewall paired with our usage of CloudFlare to mitigate DDoS attacks.
  6. Agile: Our continuous deployment pipeline lets us release application updates more quickly and reliably, allowing us to innovate and ship new features faster. The overall architecture is simpler and more consistent, making it easier to manage and monitor.

We hope you find this Infrastructure update helpful, and as always please reach out to the OpenApply support team with any questions you may have about this upgrade to our infrastructure.

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