OpenApply is excited to release further integrations with WeChat as part of our continued efforts to streamline the admissions process for Chinese schools and families. OpenApply’s integration with the WeChat Mini Programme will allow schools to link their own Mini Programme to OpenApply so that parents can easily navigate the entire parent account within WeChat. Coupled with the Login with WeChat feature released earlier this spring, parents will be able to navigate the entire application process in the familiar setting of their WeChat account, streamlining the process and reducing the stress of applying to schools.

Additionally, OpenApply’s integration with WeChat Pay means parents can pay application and admissions related fees via WeChat both within the Mini Programme and while using OpenApply from other devices. Schools in China now have the option to accept payments via Alipay, WeChat Pay or both, meaning any Chinese parent should be able to find a method suitable to them!

To find out more about the new features and how to enable them on your account, please visit our Online Support Centre or contact our team on WeChat.

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