Re-enrolment can be a time and labour intensive process, particularly when dealing with a transient population at the tail end of a global pandemic. Human error, administrative delays, slow response rates and other admissions related issues are not uncommon for many international schools during the re-enrolment period.

In a recent workshop on preparing for re-enrolment, we explored how to save time, maximise revenue, and address the pinch points associated with outdated re-enrolment processes. You can watch the 42 minute video recording here.

Additionally, we will be hosting a webinar to share the insights we have gained from supporting schools internationally to solve these challenges with:

Bulk re-enrolment reminder emails

Completely eliminating the manual process of sending notifications, managing re-enrolment forms and payments, and saving 10+ hours of manual work on average.

A Re-enrolment Dashboard

Instant visibility of returning students, eliminating the need to track re-enrolment status manually and send email reminders.

Enrolment Analytics

View available seats versus capacity and ensure enrolment is always as close to capacity as possible, thus protecting revenue.

The webinar will take place on:

Thursday 31 March, 09:00 GMT (Register Here)

Reserve your place, and learn more about how you can speed up and streamline the re-enrolment process for your team and your families, while eliminating countless manual tasks and preventing human-error.

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