We have watched the world change in 2020. Rarely in a lifetime is there a global event that has an immeasurable impact on everyone. The education sector has had to make shifts in rapid succession and at times in a vacuum of uncertainty. What we have been in awe of is the strength and resilience of this community and their willingness to share their learnings.

Throughout 2020, we have been running a series of webinars in which admissions leaders and directors share their experiences and innovative practices. We know that what was done to support admissions in March 2020 may look very different from what is happening today, but there are learnings and ideas to take and build upon.

Reflecting on the conversations since March, here are some of our big take-aways:

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Make sure you are keeping your community up-to-date, even if it is letting them know that you are working on things. Include prospective families, and show them you are planning even during unknown times.
  2. Plan and be aware of how risk-averse your school is. Don’t wait to do an evaluation. Consistently come back to your plan to make adjustments and identify new strategies for the future.
  3. Market what you can offer. Evaluate the whole school and identify what additional support(s) your school has, be realistic about what you can offer families.
  4. Finding a balance. Examine your time and look at the percentage of time spent between human interactions (virtual and in person) versus paperwork. is critical, as both are key.
  5. Marketing the school is important. sharing videos of the school, the school community, and the teachers—both from the perspective of what it looks like normally and what it looks like now—helps paint the picture of what learning looks like at your school.

Watch these webinars to learn from admissions directors around the world:

August 12, 2020: A Conversation on Returning to School and Planning Orientation

May 14, 2020: A Conversation on How Schools are Supporting Admissions with OpenApply

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April 23, 2020: A Conversation on Re-enrolment, Projections, and Fees for This Year-Next Year

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April 16, 2020: A Conversation on Early Childhood Admissions

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March 26, 2020: A Conversation About Enrolment Strategies

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For more upcoming Admissions Helping Admissions Webinars, check out our Events Page!

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