As the world’s leading supplier of international admissions software, we’ve recognised that the cost of admitting the wrong student is significant, yet most common admissions tests simply aren’t suitable for international students. We’re therefore very excited to announce our partnership with IDAT, the only admissions and diagnostic test specifically created for international students! 

The comprehensive IDAT test draws from multiple international curricula to assess students in four key areas:

  1. English and ESL
  2. Mathematics
  3. Global Knowledge
  4. Character

Here are a few reasons why IDAT differs from other tests:

  • The Speaking and Listening section goes further than traditional tests by using an avatar to ask questions and record the student’s response. This is designed to not only test language ability but topic comprehension with the complexity level based upon the student’s age. 
  • IDAT is based upon multiple curricula, including Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, British National Curriculum, Ontario Curriculum, and U.S. Common Core. This ensures internationally-focused questions, and that students who have not experienced a particular curriculum are not at a disadvantage.
  • The Character assessments help schools get to know their applicants. The report includes information on their ability to collaborate, take risks, as well as their general attitude and persona, all particularly important for schools with a broad student demographic.

IDAT can be proctored in any major city in the world, with results being turned around within 48 hours. 

In addition to our partnership, OpenApply integrates with IDAT so your applicants can register for the IDAT test, and view the results, directly within the application checklist. This provides a seamless experience for parents as they move through your application process. 

Ready to learn more about IDAT? Watch our webinar recording, ‘Admissions and Diagnostic Testing in OpenApply: Announcing our latest integration with IDAT‘.

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