New schools face the common challenge of generating enquiries, facilitating easy and responsive communication with multi-lingual prospects, and maintaining a level of interest amongst prospective families while the school prepares to launch.

A school in its infancy may also face challenges around data sensitivity during the processing of student applications while new staff are simultaneously recruited, each with varying areas of responsibility and oversight of student data. On top of all this, new schools are scheduling tours and open days, juggling event registrations, accepting payments of applications and admissions fees, and endeavouring to analyse and optimise conversion rates during this process.

Through proactive marketing and nurturing of prospects, meticulous handling of sensitive data, streamlined management of tours and open days, processing of admissions payments, and robust analytics, OpenApply is helping new schools supercharge their admissions process.

If you’d like to learn more about the comprehensive online solution that seamlessly and efficiently handles the above challenges, which many new schools are using to their great advantage, join us on our upcoming webinars:

In the first webinar on 21 April, Matt Craig from our International admissions team is joined by Bekah Dawson (Director of School Advancement at Oasis International School, Kuala Lumpur), while the following week on 28 April, Kathryn Wheeler from our Americas admissions team is joined by Caroline Scott (Senior Admissions Advisor at Pearson UK).

In both webinars, we will discuss some of the challenges a new school might face when starting up, along with practical tips to solve these challenges. We will conclude with a Q&A session where you can ask questions directly to the panelists.

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