OpenApply is excited to announce OpenApply CRM, a comprehensive new module that takes traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality and places it in the hands of school Admissions, Marketing and Communications professionals. 

OpenApply CRM has many new tools that allow you to attract, nurture and convert prospective students to your school, all within the system you know!

Contacts: Capture and nurture pre-enquiry prospects directly on OpenApply by sending automated scheduled emails, tracking sources, and leaving notes. 

Email Marketing Campaigns: Create professional emails and newsletters with our new editor. Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe parents to email campaigns.

Log Indicators: Track key indicators that lead to success like calls, walk-ins, meetings, messaging, and more. Create custom log types and outcomes to personalise which metrics to monitor.

Mailing Lists: Automatically subscribe parents to mailing lists for recurring emails like newsletters or to promote upcoming events.

Automated Tasks: Set up automatic notifications to admissions colleagues and other staff when a specified activity is triggered. 

URL Source Campaigns: Monitor which marketing sources are successful, like Facebook, email campaigns, WeChat, Google Ads, etc. Create tracking links and see source numbers in real time at each stage.

CRM Analytics: A new page of analytics to gather granular data on email campaigns, log indicators, mailing lists, and sources. 

Reach out to your OpenApply representative or click the button below to get started!


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