The International Admissions Bulletin is the publication of choice for admissions professionals in international schools.

The magazine is edited by Robin Berting, who has fifteen years of experience working in admissions offices at international schools in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Korea. The magazine is published and distributed free of charge by Faria Education Group, the world’s leading software provider to international schools. Click on our various issues to view top international school admissions articles from experts in the field.

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The International Admissions Bulletin is published once a year in September.

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Featured Articles


Jimmy is a lovely child. He is a good student, quirky and lovely and, through the years, he has met some teachers who have leaned more into the lovely, and others who have leaned more into the quirky. Jimmy has never been a problem. His family, however, is truly hard...

Interview With Mary Langford: That was Then, This is Now

Mary Langford has been working in the field of international school admissions for nearly four decades. She has worked at the American Community School in London, Hampstead International School, the TASIS Group, Southbank International School, Sunland School (Spain),...

No Time or Money for Professional Growth? We’ve Got a Solution for That!

What happens when an admissions manager, an admissions officer and a director of student support services at an international school develop a community of practice? Here we explore how routine admissions/student support services meetings led to the formation of a...

Re-building the Admissions Narrative

Catalina Gardescu
第9期 - September, 2021

I remember working on SWOT analyses in times immemorial (aka pre-pandemic) and resting on the laurels of “our campus is unequaled in Romania.” It took a tiny but mighty virus to wipe that off the...

Admissions & Identity Roundtable

Courtney Knight
第9期 - September, 2021

Identity and culture are hot topics in today's international schools. It is important for admissions professionals to have a deep understanding of their school's culture and identity so they can commu...

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