In our continued pursuit to enhance and improve your experience with OpenApply, we have a Friday update that focuses on providing schools with a greater ability to customise their forms and a way to archive admin users.

Conditional Fields Updates
OpenApply has released enhancements to its conditional fields functionality to provide schools with a greater ability to customise their forms. Schools can now build forms with up to three levels of fields conditional upon each other, while previously only one level was allowed. The additional levels of conditional fields mean that form workflows can be tailored more closely to each applicant’s specific situation, providing a better admissions experience for your prospective families.

Archiving Admin Users
Admin users can now be archived instead of deleted. This allows a user’s account to be preserved in case it needs to be reactivated later. All items associated with the user including tasks, reviews, and notes will remain linked.

Looking for more information on OpenApply’s features? Please visit our Online Support Centre to access our archive of tutorials.

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