Age Calculator – Limit Grade Levels by Age: Schools can now set an age range for each grade level under Settings > Admissions > Programme to either recommend or force parents to select a specific grade level for their child when applying. The age calculator is responsive to both birthdate and enrolment year selected. This makes the application process easier for parents switching from one country’s system to another, and it will save time on the admissions side correcting grade levels for applicants who have applied to the wrong one.


A tutorial on setting up the age calculator can be found here.

Alipay Integration for Stripe users: OpenApply users that are currently using the Stripe integration can now enable an Alipay integration via Stripe. These users can then collect payments via Alipay, in addition to collecting payments from credit cards via Stripe. This will streamline the payment process for Chinese families and the schools they are applying to.

Find out here if Stripe is available in your country.

Please visit our Online Support Centre for more information.

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