Improved PDF Exports

Announcements, Imports and Exports | January 17, 2014
We’ve refreshed the look and feel of our PDF exports. Clicking on Export to PDF will also now give you the option to export all forms or specific form types (e.g. Supplementary forms or Re-enrollment forms).  

Feature Update: Smarter Applicant Imports

Imports and Exports | July 5, 2013
For schools that are starting OpenApply in the middle of an admissions cycle, or that want to import past applicants for our *Re-enrollment* feature, it’s now easier than ever to import your applicant data: Smarter matching: Fields now automatically match based...

Feature Update: Universal Date Formatting

Imports and Exports | July 3, 2013
We’ve been perfecting the export process over the last several months, and we believe the latest iteration of exports on OpenApply is the sleekest, prettiest, most sensible. However, we’re still tweaking. Today we allowed schools to customize the date...