It is our pleasure to release the digital version of our September 2017 issue of the International Admissions Bulletin! We invite you to Rethink the world of Admissions as we learn from the top schools and innovators across the industry.

Unlocking Product Potential– James Teasdale from International School of the Gothenburg Region

A school often serves the parents, students, communities, and government that encompasses it. With so many factors influencing a school, how do we understand where to prioritise our efforts? James unlocks the full potential of data through OpenApply to answer critical questions and create a deeper understanding of his school.

IB Admission Professional Survey – Maria English from Western International School of Shanghai

Admissions staff frequently serves as a family’s first introduction to the IB curriculum. But are we doing enough to prepare them for this common interaction? Maria surveyed 91 admissions professionals from around the world. What she found may surprise you…

Prospective Parents’ Expectations about Language Learning – Robin Berting  from International School of Brussels

The families that make up your school are vastly different, so it only makes sense that each student’s language learning needs are equally unique. How do you accommodate the language needs of families from all over the globe? Robin recounts his experiences and sheds light on fulfilling the language needs at International School of Brussels.

My Journey to Admissions– Renee Gian from  Western International School of Shanghai and Mona Stuart from Turntable & Co.

Writer James Baldwin said it best: “If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” With no two journeys the same, we explore the paths Renee and Mona took to arrive at their prominent roles in admissions today.

Rethinking Admissions as a Learning Experience– David Willows from International School of Brussels

Ever wonder if there is more you can get out of your admissions process? David and his team rethink common components of the admissions process to inspire new connections and ideas.


OpenApply is honoured to publish the International Admissions Bulletin as part of our ongoing commitment to providing robust professional development opportunities to international school admissions staff.

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